Marriage disempowers the relationship

After the excitement of romance, marital routine and relationship security sets in. Mindsets change in ways not thought possible. Your magical beginning somehow devolves into a level of unhappiness and conflict and disinterest that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Neither partner is happy

Men in therapy:
“I want more sex”

  • Unhappy wife/rejection hurts
  • Failing family somehow
  • Pleasing not possible -> avoids

Women in therapy:
“I feel invisible”

  • Complains/resents
  • Identity fragments
  • Turn to friends/social

The woman eventually gets “fed-up” enough to finally pull the plug (70% of divorces are initiated by women, often encouraged by girlfriends). The man is also completely worn down, but men try to “weather the storm” differently, and fear divorce.


Don’t break up so you can try again with some one new. 80% of second marriages fail for the same reasons. Instead – make it magical with the one you’re with. Fix the life you have!

Understand how and why the dysfunction starts and stop the spiral.

Four reasons for marital misery



Hypergamy: women marry for potential and often feel like they settled.


Women want intimacy and emotional depth not easily understood by men.


Motherhood stress and career pressures lead to fragmented identity.


Women can replace sex with many dopamine releasing activities. Men cannot.

Dysfunctional communication leads to strife. Desire loses out. Stop the divorce bomb.

It’s Not Your Fault

Modern life demands role flexibility

But men and women are not interchangeable. They need, think and act differently.
Marriage changes mindsets. The one you married is not the one you married.
Desire loses out

We will lift you out of the despair of physical and emotional disconnection and help you build a renewed life together