Stop the divorce bomb

No one is coming to save you. Take your life back.

Top signs for divorce:

  1. Communication problems
  2. Lost respect
  3. Lack of intimacy

Common excuses about sex:

  1. Relationship is boring
  2. Not interested
  3. Too tired / stressed / irritated
Modern life increasingly leads to individualism, digital distractions and resistance to doing the hard work of relationship repair. Don’t let another year of marital discontent go by. Stop the divorce bomb.


Love your life again

Working with us

Amanda and her programs give you insights into your inner self and the other side in ways that empower first you and then your partnership.

Our gendered approach embraces the differences in how men and women respond, think and communicate. It is a game-changer for fixing troubled relationships.

Better than therapy

  1. We won’t throw you in a virtual room with your partner to observe how you fight and then offer unhelpful hints about how to communicate better
  2. We won’t send you a link to a sex toy site and wish you luck. The path to mutual satisfaction can be variously confusing, emotional, joyous and complicated and is integral to the conversation.

Learn how to clear your mind, ground yourself and lean toward the future you want

You will understand the different reactions and interpretations each gender has to everyday needs. You will see how intimacy is chipped away as trust dissolves, and understand why hope, identity and voice disappear along with the relationship.

Be the wind in your own sails

We will show you how to witness and master your inner thoughts. Only then will you be able to truly see and appreciate what you have within, who lays next to you and what lies before you.

Find your voice

We give you simple tools to clear your mind and celebrate who you are. We teach you to recognize what works and release what does not. Understanding how you got to the present moment is a powerful first step. Discarding outdated and limiting thought patterns will lead toward your best life.

Envision with a new mindset

Yes! You can FINALLY start the life you’ve always dreamed of because you are NO LONGER held back by your past relationship. Not because you have left it – but because you have transformed your internal dialogue in ways that allow you to show up in the world in ways that inspire yourself and your partner.

Be the wind in each other’s sails

You will be excited to wake up next to a partner who shares your passions and purpose, who cares about you, and who matters to you. No more living a life of invisibility and eggshells. As your brains connect, so will your bodies. Uncomfortable discussions will become comfortable and welcome. Your physical and emotional intimacy will soar.

About Us

Amanda has a decade of experience with transition counseling – first with teens and then with divorcing women and men starting over. Amanda is an LPC with an MBA and an MEd in Psychology and Counseling. Her degrees are from Harvard, Stanford and UMass. She is divorced, male positive and excited to banish marital misery.

Amanda helps you to bridge the gender gap and provide female insight and resolution to intimacy issues. Our approach embraces the differences in how women respond, think, and communicate. It is a game-changer for renewing relationships and fixing more than the dead bedroom.